.: SIBGRAPI 2012 - Technical Papers :.

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Session TS1 - Image/Video Filtering, Restoration and Segmentation

Unraveling the Compromise Between Skull Stripping and Inhomogeneity Correction in 3T MR Images

F. A. M. Cappabianco (UNIFESP), P. A. V. Miranda (IME-USP), J. S. Ide (UNIFESP), C. L. Yasuda (UNICAMP), A. X. Falcão (UNICAMP).
pp 1-8

Analysis in Sensibility of a Motion Detection Algorithm for Selecting Noise Reduction Methods in X-ray Image Sequences

L. S. Silva (PUC-Minas), F. R. Rocha (PUC-Minas), L. B. Amaral (PUC-Minas), C. A. Carneiro (PUC-Minas), F. M. F. Ferreira (PUC-Minas), Z. M. A. Peixoto (PUC-Minas).
pp 9-15

Contextual Filtering of CT Images Using Markovian Wiener Filters With a Non Local Means Approach for Statistical Estimation

D. H. P. Salvadeo (UFSCar), N. D. A. Mascarenhas (UFSCar), A. L. M. Levada (UFSCar).
pp 16-23

Segmentation of Large Images with Complex Networks

O. Cuadros (ICMC-USP), G. Botelho (ICMC-USP), F. Rodrigues (ICMC-USP), J. Batista Neto (ICMC-USP).
pp 24-31

Session TS2 - Feature Extraction and Matching

Colorization by Multidimensional Projection

W. Casaca (ICMC-USP), E. Gomez-Nieto (ICMC-USP), C. O.L. Ferreira (PUC-Rio), G. Tavares (PUC-Rio), P. Pagliosa (UFMS), F. Paulovich (ICMC-USP), L. G. Nonato (ICMC-USP), A. Paiva (ICMC-USP).
pp 32-38

An Efficient Algorithm for Fractal Analysis of Textures

A. F. Costa (ICMC-USP), G. E. Humpire-Mamani (ICMC-USP), A. J. M. Traina (ICMC-USP).
pp 39-46

Appearance and Geometry Fusion for Enhanced Dense 3D Alignment

E. R. Nascimento (UFMG), W. R. Schwartz (UFMG), G. L. Oliveira (UFMG), A. W. Vieira (UNIMONTES), M. F. M. Campos (UFMG), D. B. Mesquita (UFMG).
pp 47-54

Histogram Uniformization for Digital Image Encryption

J. B. Lima (UFPE), R. M. C. Souza (UFPE).
pp 55-62

Session TS3 - Image/Video Analysis

Solving Image Puzzles with a Quadratic Programming Formulation

F. Andaló (UNICAMP), G. Taubin (Brown University), S. Goldenstein (UNICAMP).
pp 63-70

Open-set Source Camera Attribution

F. O. Costa (UNICAMP), M. Eckmann (Skidmore College), W. J. Scheirer (Securics Inc.), A. Rocha (UNICAMP).
pp 71-78

Multi-Scale Spectral Residual Analysis to Speed up Image Object Detection

G. Silva (UFBA), L. Schnitman (UFBA), L. Oliveira (UFBA).
pp 79-86

Image micro-pattern analysis using fuzzy numbers

R. T. Vieira (EESC-USP), C. E. O. Chierici (EESC-USP), C. T. Ferraz EESC-USP, A. Gonzaga (EESC-USP).
pp 87-93

Session TS4 - Geometric Modeling and Computational Geometry

Approximating implicit curves on triangulations with affine arithmetic

A. Paiva (ICMC-USP), F. C. Nascimento (ICMC-USP), L. H. Figueiredo (IMPA), J. Stolfi (UNICAMP).
pp 94-101

3D Triangulations for Industrial Applications

P. R. Cavalcanti (UFRJ), Y. P. Atencio (UFRJ), C. Esperança (UFRJ), F. P. Nascimento (UFRJ).
pp 102-109

ESQ: Editable SQuad representation for triangle meshes

L. C. Aleardi (École Polytechnique), O. Devillers (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis), J. Rossignac (GATECH).
pp 110-117

Connectivity Oblivious Merging of Triangulations (supplementary material)

L. F. Silva (UFRGS), L. F. Scheidegger (UFRGS), T. Etiene (University of Utah), J. Comba (UFRGS), L. G. Nonato (ICMC-USP), C. T. Silva (NYU).
pp 118-125

Session TS5 - Rendering and Visualization

Efficient HPR-based Rendering of Point Clouds (supplementary material)

R. M. Silva (UFRJ), C. Esperança (UFRJ), A. Oliveira (UFRJ).
pp 126-133

Memory-Efficient Order-Independent Transparency with Dynamic Fragment Buffer (supplementary material)

M. Maule (UFRGS), J. Comba (UFRGS), R. Torchelsen (UFFS), R. Bastos (NVIDIA).
pp 134-141

Ambient occlusion using cone tracing with scene voxelization

E. C. D. Favera (PUC-Rio), W. Celes (PUC-Rio).
pp 142-149

Rapid Visualization of Geological Concepts

M. Natali (University of Bergen), I. Viola (University of Bergen), D. Patel (Christian Michelsen Research).
pp 150-157

Session TS6 - Computer Vision

Invariance for Single Curved Manifold

P. M. M. Castro (UFPE).
pp 158-165

Robust Patch-Based Pedestrian Tracking using Monocular Calibrated Cameras (supplementary material)

G. Führ (UFRGS), C. R. Jung (UFRGS).
pp 166-173

Automatic tracking of indoor soccer players using videos from multiple cameras

E. Morais (UNICAMP), S. Goldenstein (UNICAMP), A. Ferreira (UNICAMP), A. Rocha (UNICAMP).
pp 174-181

Real-time Interactive Image Segmentation Using User Indicated Real-world Seeds

R. B. Gomes (UFRN), R. V. Aroca (UFRN), B M. Carvalho (UFRN), L. M. G. Gonçalves (UFRN).
pp 182-189

Session TS7 - Modeling, Animation and Simulation

Modeling the Copacabana Sidewalk Pavement

T. Waintraub (PUC-Rio), W. Celes (PUC-Rio).
pp 190-197

Representing and Manipulating Mesh-based Character Animations

E. Aguiar (UFES), N. Ukita (Nara Institute of Science and Technology).
pp 198-204

Fluid Simulation on Surfaces in the GPU

L. Carvalho (IMPA), M. Andrade (UFAL), L. Velho (IMPA).
pp 205-212

Enhanced Target Driven Smoke Morphing (supplementary material)

M. C. Renhe (UFJF), A. Oliveira (UFRJ), C. Esperança (UFRJ), R. Marroquim (UFRJ).
pp 213-220

Session TS8 - Image/Video Analysis

Video-Based Face Spoofing Detection through Visual Rhythm Analysis

A. Pinto (UNICAMP), H. Pedrini (UNICAMP), W. R. Schwartz (UFMG), A. Rocha (UNICAMP).
pp 221-228

Retinal Image Quality Analysis for Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy Detection

R. Pires (UNICAMP), H. F. Jelinek (Charles Sturt University), J. Wainer (UNICAMP), A. Rocha (UNICAMP).
pp 229-236

Vehicle Detection using Mixture of Deformable Parts Models: Static and Dynamic Camera (supplementary material 1) (supplementary material 2)

L. C. Leon (IME-USP), R. Hirata Jr. (IME-USP).
pp 237-244

A mixture of two gender classification experts

Y. S. El-Din (Ain Shams University), M. Moustafa (The American University in Cairo), H. Mahdi (Ain Shams Univ.).
pp 245-251

Session TS9 - Pattern Recognition

Automatic Classifier Fusion for Produce Recognition

F. A. Faria (UNICAMP), J. A. Santos (UNICAMP), A. Rocha (UNICAMP), R. da S. Torres (UNICAMP).
pp 252-259

A Comparison between Optimum-Path Forest and k-Nearest Neighbors Classifiers

R. Souza (UNICAMP), R. Lotufo (UNICAMP), L. Rittner (UNICAMP).
pp 260-267

Real-time gesture recognition from depth data through key poses learning and decision forests (supplementary material)

L. Miranda (UFAL), T. Vieira (UFAL), D. Martínez (UFAL), T. Lewiner (PUC-Rio), A. W. Vieira (UNIMONTES), Mario F. M. Campos (UFMG).
pp 268-275

Searching for People through Textual and Visual Attributes

J. Fabian (UNICAMP), R. Pires (UNICAMP), A. Rocha (UNICAMP).
pp 276-282

Session TS10 (Poster) - Texture Synthesis and Image Processing

Animation and Simulation

Texture Synthesis of Contrasting Natural Patterns (supplementary material)

F. Queiroz (UFAL), M. Walter (UFRGS).
pp 283-290

Feature Extraction and Matching

BBA: A Binary Bat Algorithm for Feature Selection

R. Y. M. Nakamura (UNESP), L. A. M. Pereira (UNESP), K. A. Costa (UNESP), D. Rodrigues (UNESP), J. P. Papa (UNESP), X.-S. Yang (National Physical Laboratory).
pp 291-297

A tensor based on optical flow for global description of motion in videos

V. F. Mota (UFJF), E. A. Perez (UFJF), M. B. Vieira (UFJF), L. M. Maciel (UFJF), F. Precioso (ENSEA), P.-H. Gosselin (ENSEA).
pp 298-301

Multi-Modal Acoustic Echo Canceller for Video Conferencing Systems

M. Gazziro (ICMC-USP), G. Almeida (Wernher von Braun Center), P. Matias (IFSC-USP), H. Tanaka (TOSHIBA Co.), S. Minami (TOSHIBA Co.).
pp 302-307

Image/Video Analysis

Error Concealment Using a Halftoning Watermarking Technique

P. G. Freitas (UnB), R. Rigoni (UnB), M. C. Q. Farias (UnB), A. P. F. Araújo (UnB).
pp 308-315

Pattern Recognition

Structural Analysis of Histological Images to Aid Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

G. H. B. Miranda (FFCLRP/USP), J. Barrera (IME-USP), E. G. Soares (FFCLRP-USP), J. C. Felipe (FCM-USP).
pp 316-323

Improving Image Classification Through Descriptor Combination

A. Mansano (USP), J. A. Matsuoka (UNESP), L. C. S. Afonso (USP), J. P. Papa (UNESP), F. Faria, R. da S. Torres (UNICAMP).
pp 324-329

Supervised Learning Using Local Analysis in an Optimal-Path Forest

W. P. Amorim (UFMS), M. H. Carvalho (UFMS).
pp 330-335

Computing gender difference using Fisher-Rao metric from facial surface normals

S. R. Ceolin (Centro Universitário Franciscano), E. R. Hancock (University of York).
pp 336-343