Marco Antonio Moreira de Carvalho
 Departamento de Computação  |  Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto


My research interests include (but are no limited to) Combinatorial Optimization, Operational Research and IT Security.

I've done research on many CO/OR problems, mainly developing simple yet efficient tailored heuristics. These problems include:

  • Graph Layout (Cutwidth, Modified Cutwidth)
  • VLSI Design (Gate Matrix Layout Problem, PLA Folding);
  • Pattern Sequencing Problems (Minimization of Tool Switches, Minimization of Open Stacks, Minimization of Order Spread, Minimization of Discontinuities);
  • Car Sequencing;
  • Sports Scheduling;
  • Project Scheduling;
  • Set Covering;
  • Crew Rostering;
  • Matrix Bandwidth;
  • Railroad Yard Operational Plan.


My publications on these topics, as well as other details of my academic life,  can be found at my Currículo Lattes (see Lattes Platform in Wikipedia) and also at my ResearchGate profile.


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